My name is Bob Mudgal. I’m a technical Service consultant, former senior Vaillant Boiler Installation member and Boiler Repairs Engineer.


Vaillant Boiler Repairs service can help and advice you even after purchase. We provide constant customer service even after the sale, this is because we’re the biggest service in the English market for Vaillant Boiler Repairs and sales. We constantly revise our heating systems in order to help to reduce your heating costs and provide the possibility of a long trouble free Vaillant Boiler.

Vaillant Boiler Repairs Service (VPS) is your partner in solving technical issues and service.
VPS is designed for customer service. More than 1,000 companies authorized provides professional installation and repair of heating equipment Vaillant.

Boiler boiler gas – fired by natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas boiler oil – fired with light heating oil.

Vaillant Boiler Repairs Renewable energy
solar collectors, heat pumps, heat recovery units

Vaillant Ventilation
systems of ventilation – air recuperation.

Vaillant Boiler Repairs for Gas Boilers
Internal gas installations – starting gas equipment, modernization of existing installations.

Vaillant Boiler Repairs & Central heating installations
Central heating technology of steel pipes, copper tubes, pipes PE and PP traditional systems (radiators) and heating under the floorboards. More recently with engaged even further by deploying our services everywhere in and around Ealing